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Student Spotlight

January Student Spotlight 

      Izzy is a kindergartener at our school, Sherrills Ford Elementary, and is in Mrs.Wight’s class. Izzy does gymnastics at Strut n’ Style in Denver NC. She can do many skills and challenges herself to do harder things. Her favorite skill that she has learned is a back walkover, but she can also do a back handspring, cartwheel, and many more things. Izzy pushed herself to learn to do a back walkover and when she got it she was very excited.

      Izzy also likes to play tag with her brother and cousins. She doesn’t always win, but she never gives up. Izzy looks up to her older brother Gabriel. She looks up to him because he is nice, and helps a lot of people. Izzy herself also helps a lot of people when she’s at gymnastics by helping them learn to do a trick that they are struggling with.

      Izzy not only does gymnastics but she also does cheer and Christmas plays at her church in the past. Izzy also got the Raising Respect award from her teacher Mrs.Wight in November.  Izzy challenges herself in and out of the classroom and never gives up and is a great role model for her fellow classmates.

-Elli Trimble