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    Freshman Preview

    Calling All Incoming Freshmen: Please join us August 26 at 5:00pm in the gymnasium. Students will receive a Fred T. Foard Class of 2020 T-shirt and engage in various activities to help get acclimated to the high school experience, while parents will remain in the gym for a brief presentation. Parents may pick up students at 7:00pm in the cafeteria parking lot, but we encourage all freshmen to stay for the first home football game of the season. Freshmen that attend the preview will have free admission to the game.

    Raptor Security System

    • All visitors must enter through the main entrance
    • Visitors are required to have a valid state issued ID which will be processed through the Raptor Security System in order to gain entry to the school building
    • Once visitors are cleared to enter they must obtain a visitor’s pass before being allowed in the building
    • Students arriving to school after 8:05 must enter through the front entrance / sally port - students will also be required to sign in through the Raptor Security System by scanning their school issued ID badge

    Smart Lunch

    This year Fred T. Foard is implementing SMART Lunch (Students Maximizing Achievement, Relationships, and Time). Students will make choices about how to use their time during this hour block. The lunchtime is split into halves (Tutorial A and Tutorial B) and can be used with some flexibility. Each teacher will be available at a minimum of twice each week to provide academic support or enrichment for his/her students. Students will be able to choose which tutorials or sessions they wish to attend per each teacher’s availability. All students are required to see all four of their teachers at least once per three weeks; however, tutorials are mandatory for students who are failing or missing assignments.

    In addition to academic support and enrichment, students will have the opportunity to visit the media center for daily computer use, study groups, or just a place to get some schoolwork done. Our gym will be open 4 days each week for some intramural sport and physical activity opportunities. SMART lunch will also incorporate club meetings, guest speakers, and other opportunities into the regular school day.

    Our hope is that students will establish deeper relationships with staff and experience success in all classes, while removing barriers that conflict between sports, clubs, academics, and the arts – such as bus transportation. Smart Lunch is a privilege and can be taken away if the guidelines are not followed.

    Please visit our school website for more details and information –

    Upcoming Events

    • 8/16 Schedule Preview PowerSchool
    • 8/16 Junior/Senior Schedule Changes 8am-12pm
    • 8/17 Fresh/Soph. Schedule Changes 8am-12pm
    • 8/26 Freshman Preview 5-7pm
    • 8/29 First Day of School
    • 9/5 Labor Day/No School

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