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    We are seeking donations of small prizes or candy for our annual "Trunk or Treat" Success Celebration.  Please turn in donations to our front office.  THANKS! 


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    October Newsletter

    We’d all like to have mornings where everyone knows what to do and is ready on time…

    Organization is a skill learned over time.  The first two habits are a tool for you and your child.


    Habit 1:  Be Proactive

    Habit 1 is about initiative and responsibility.  Help your child determine what he or she will need for the next day.  To start, writing a list may be helpful.  Next, have your child gather the non-perishable items and put them in his or her school bag.

    Habit 2:  Begin with the End in Mind

    Habit 2 is about thinking how you would like something to turn out before it happens.  If a smooth morning is the goal, brainstorm with your child how that will look and feel like.  Your child may actually have time to do something extra in the morning if he or she is organized and you will all have a happy start to the day.

    Once the children know these habits, and how to apply them, they can start tackling more difficult tasks independently.  They will begin to feel self-confident and proud when they’re able to complete homework, chores, and other tasks by themselves.   They’re also sure to be pleased when they find they have some extra free time to do what they’d like to do.

    Remember, it may take time to teach your child these skills.  Sometimes, it will seem simpler just to do it for them.  But remember, your child won’t learn how to be independent and successful if you always do it for them.  Using Habits 1 and 2 is a life skill that will benefit them their entire lives.

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