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Selection Criteria
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 Abbott and Fenner*12
Students must submit an essay on the topic that appears on the scholarship page of the website
Scholarship websiteJun. 15th
 BigSun Scholarship*12
Young athletes that wish to succeed in their academic pursuits.  Check out their website to apply for the $500 scholarship. 
Scholarship websiteJun. 22nd
 Catawba Valley Cattlemen's Association*12
Seniors that are involved in 4-H or want to major in an agriculture-related field.  One-time $1000 scholarship.  
May 1st
 Catawba Valley Medical Center Auxiliary – Slemp/Volunteers*12
Senior who have an interest in pursuing a career in the medical field.  Students who have participated in school health occupations programs, volunteered, or worked part-time in health-related organizations would have a distinct advantage. 
Apr. 3rd
 CVCC *12
One application can be filled out for all of their scholarships.  Everyone going to CVCC needs to fill one out. Scholarship application will be emailed to you once you apply.  Applications can also be picked up from Mrs. Murray (to complete on paper or electronically).  
Scholarship websiteScholarships are given out first come-first serve
 Daniel Honeycutt Jr. Memorial Scholarship*12
Any senior can apply the plans to pursue their college degree and demonstrates a strong determination when attempting to achieve their goals.  Get the paper copy from Mrs. Murray. 
Apr. 17th
 Drum-Wilkinson Ed. Fund*12

Seniors who have the following criteria:  US citizen, conscientious effort in academics, concern for others, and an effort to expand knowledge, experiences, and abilities, as well as genuine financial need.  You can get a paper application from Mrs. Murray or request an application by placing a self-addressed #10 business – sized envelope with one first class stamp affixed inside another 4 ½” x 9 ¼” with one first class stamp affixed and addressed to DWEF Scholarships Application  8366 Drena Dr. Sherrills Ford, NC  28673-9352  Deadline to request an application is Feb. 15, otherwise get from Mrs. Murray and it is due in March.

Mar. 31st
 Fisher-Matthews-Misenheimer Scholarship - “Spirit to Learn” *12
Senior who has faced extraordinary challenges due to difficult circumstances - Challenges may vary. Ex: could include family situations, a student with a deceased parent, a physically or mentally challenged parent / sibling, or any other situation which has imposed exceptional responsibility on the student. The student must have a strong desire to attain higher educational goals and have applied and been accepted at any community college, college or university in the state of North Carolina.  The Scholarship will be paid to the selected school.
Mar. 31st
 Green Room – Mary Catherine Shivers Scholarship*12
Senior must have been active in drama and/or community theatre (Acting, backstage, volunteering, etc.). Added consideration will be given to applicants who have been involved with The Green Room.  Applicant must be planning to pursue further education in the performing or visual arts.    Mrs. Murray also has a paper copy. 
May 1st
 Hickory Tavern Chapter of National Society DAR - Gwendolyn Bost Sherrill*12
YOU MUST COMPLETE ENTIRE APPLICATION!  Senior who intends to attend a community college, junior college, 4-yr. college or university.  Must be a resident of Catawba County.
Financial need is considered.
Apr. 1st
 Home Builders Association *12
Senior who plans to study at a 2 yr. or a 4 yr. college/university in a field directly relating to the construction industry.
Apr. 3rd by 5 pm
 Imagine America Scholarship Program*12
This is a scholarship that is worth $1000 toward a technical/vocational school.  MHS can approve 5 students to receive this scholarship.  (if you are going to Nascar Tech, UTI, Nashville-Auto Diesel, etc.) See Mrs. Murray for more details.  
Scholarship websiteThrough Dec. 2015
 Light on the Hill Society Scholarship – UNC-Chapel Hill*12
African-American male & female seniors planning to UNC-Chapel Hill.  Scholarship Criteria: excellent academic achievement, strong community service involvement, outstanding leadership qualities, and essay answers.
Scholarship websiteApr. 15th by 5pm
A scholarship drawing every month where you can win $2222.  You get one entry for every time you share the site on Facebook, Twitter, etc.  All entries must be in by 11:59pm on the last day of the month. 
Drawing websiteeach month
 NC Bar Association*12
Students who are the children NC law enforcement officers killed or permanently disabled in the line of duty. Applications can be downloaded at the following website (scroll to bottom) or contact Jacquelyn Terrell at 1-800-662-7407 or  
Application websiteApr. 1st
 NC Society of Accountants*12
Students who are a resident of NC and plan to major in accounting.  Questions, email Marsha Wheeler @
April 15th
 Need a Lift*12
Get Money for College - Scholarships vary that are offered through the American Legion.
American Legion websitevaries
 Professional Construction Estimators*12
Chosen to pursue construction and construction related careers
End of April
 SEANC – State Employees Association of North Carolina*12
Children of Association members can apply.  Parents should know their local district  office and the application must go through there.
Scholarship websiteApr. 15th
 SunTrust Off To College*12
Free to enter and eligibility not based on GPA or financial need. One entry per drawing, which is done every two weeks. Students can register after each drawing to compete for next scheduled drawing.
Scholarship websiteOct 25-May 15 (one chosen every 2 weeks)
 The American Academy  of Dramatic Arts*12
Acting for Stage, Film, and Television – NY or LA campus.  Auditions and Scholarships = Text:  RSVP to 323-984-9960 or Tweet #RSVP to @AcademyRSVP
Scholarship website
 Zeta Phi Beta*12
Female African-American seniors can apply.  Students must have a GPA of 2.5 and be enrolling in an accredited college/university in NC.
Apr. 1st
 2011 ICBC Scholarship 12
This $1000 scholarship is open to students that are between the ages of 17-21 that are residents of the US or Canada.  A student can be enrolled or intending on enrolling in any course of study in the fall semester of 2011.
Scholarship detailsJun. 15th
 AAHD 12
Students with disabilities who are pursuing higher education.  Preference is given to students who are pursuing public health, health promotion, medical fields, and disability studies. 
Scholarship websiteDec. 15th
 AAPT (American Assn. of Physics Teachers)12
Seniors who plan to enroll in physics teacher preparation curricula.  Check out more information about how to apply on their website 
Scholarship websiteDec. 1st
 AAU – HS Sullivan12
Qualities of individuals should emphasize leadership, character, sportsmanship, academics and their accomplishments in sport.
Scholarship websiteApr. 1st
 Abercrombie & Fitch Anti-Bullying12
Students who have academically persevered while experiencing bullying and for those who have led anti-bullying efforts in their schools and communities. Eligibility requirements include high school seniors with a minimum GPA of 3.0. Applicants may be from the U.S. or international.
Scholarship websiteFeb. 1st
 ACT Poster Contest12
Students can design a poster that encourages other students to attend college and to take the ACT as their college entrance exam.
Contest websiteJan. 28th
 AES Engineers 12

Any student can apply - You do not have to major in Engineering.  Scholarship is based on character, not academic statistics.

Look for "How to Apply"Oct. 6th
 Alpha Delta Kappa – Gamma Eta Chapter12

There are 3 scholarships available:

1.  Eunice Riggins Memorial – Senior female planning to  attend a 4 yr. college/university who ranks in top 10% of class, SAT of 1650 or Act of 20, good character, participation in extracurricular activities, financial aid not the primary consideration.
 2.  Mary Rose Mills-Linda Rankin Memorial – Senior who  plans to attend a 4 yr college/university, ranks in top 10% of class, Sat of 1700 or ACT of 22, good character, participation in extracurricular activities, financial aid not the primary consideration.
 3.  Clare Johnson Marley – Mary Earle Berger Fine Arts – Senior who plans to attend a 4 yr. college/university and declare a major in an area of the fine arts, ranks in the top 20% of class, SAT of 1650, ACT of 20, good character, participation in extracurricular activities, financial aid not the primary consideration.

Feb. 2nd
 American College Foundation – Visionary9-12th
Any student can apply. (essay required)
Scholarship website Apr. 1st
 Appalachian State University12
Separate application from the admissions application.  You will receive a username and password once your admissions application has been received. 
http://www.firstconnections.appstate.eduNov. 18th
 Art Institute  - Passion for Fashion12
Students can compete in either Fashion Design or Fashion Marketing & Merchandising and Retail Management. 
Scholarship websiteFeb. 14th
 Art Institute - Arts Poster Design12
Students could earn a tuition scholarship to study graphic design at one of the Art Institutes.  Download, sign, and complete Entry & Release Form at website 
Poster websiteJan. 21st
 Art Institute - Best Teen Chef12
Local cook-off competitions held at Art Institutes in March.  
Scholarship websiteJan. 24th
 Art Institute - Storytellers Photography12
Six photos that tell a story. 
Scholarship deadlineMar. 2nd
 Aspiring Animation Professional12
Student that plan to pursue an animation related field at an accredited post-secondary school or college, demonstrate record of academic success, and have a passion for animation and/or design related career.  Application and essay are online.
Scholarship websiteJun. 1st
 Aspiring Fashion Professional12
 $1000 scholarship given to a student interested in pursuing a fashion degree at an accredited school or college.  Apply online  and find the scholarship located at the bottom of the page to click on!
Scholarship - bottom of pageJun. 1st
 Athnet Sports Recruiting Scholarship12
Any senior who writes a 400-500 word essay describing "how the lessons you have learned through playing sports have positively impacted you as you pursue your college education."
Scholarship websiteJune 1st
 AXA Achievement12
Seniors who are active in the community, lead a project that benefits others, or overcome personal challenges. 
WebsiteDec. 15th
 Ayn Rand Essay Contest9-12
For Juniors and Seniors - The Fountainhead. 
For Freshmen and Sophomores - Anthem. 
Then students must write an essay on their reading.  All students can compete for this scholarship.
Ayn Rand WebsiteApr. 26th
 B. Davis Scholarship11-12
Must visit the site and write an essay on the following topic:  Discuss, in less than 1000 words:  Pick a controversial problem on high school or college/university campuses and suggest a solution.
Scholarship websiteMay 26th
 Bedazzled Bridal & Formal Program 12
Senior that has demonstrated a positive impact consistent with capacity and circumstances, employment and involvement in community and at school will also be considered. Has to be returned to store in Hickory or Gastonia
Apr. 10th
 Best Buy12
Students who have good grades ad outstanding community service can apply. 
Scholarship websiteFeb. 15th
 Betsy Y. Justus NCTA Founders12
Senior female pursing a major in Science, Technology, Engineering, and/or Math, with an emphasis on technology and engineering.  Apply online.
Scholarship websiteMay 31st
 Betty and Ken Isaac 12
Students must live in Catawba County, be committed to attending a college or university in NC, need for financial assistance, and demonstrate an interest in golf, play golf, watch golf, or want to take up golf at a later time. Worth $10,000 total over 4 years. 
Mar. 31st
 Big Dig Scholarship 9-12
This $3000 scholarship is for students who submit an essay that is under 1000 words and are currently in high school or in their first two years of college/university. 
Scholarship detailsJun. 1st
 Bob R. McGuire – Child Support12
Any student who has at least one Parent who must be a member of the NC Child Support Council or a client of the Child Support Program, be a resident of NC and maintained a C average.  
Scholarship applicationApr. 24th
 Bobby "Pete" Ray Hullett Scholarship12
Any senior that has interest in majoring in Science or Medicine can apply.  $500 one time award.  See Mrs. Murray to get an application.
Apr. 51th
 Boston University – Trustee 12
Seniors in the top 10% of your class and wish to attend BU, also must be active leaders in school and community. 
Dec. 1st
 Buick Achievers Scholarship 12
Seniors who plan to enroll in a 4-yr. college or university and plan to major in a field that focuses on engineering, technology, design or business, with an interest in automotive field.   
Application websiteFeb 27th
 Burger King Scholars12
Must have a GPA between 2.5 or higher can apply, work an average of 10 hours per week or 40 weeks per year, demonstrates participation in community service, financial need, and plans to enroll in  an accredited two- or four-year institution or vocational-technical school.
BKS ApplicationJan. 10th
 Carolina Orthopaedic Specialists – SCORE12
Scholarship for Carolina Orthopaedics Rewarding Excellence – Senior must be pursuing a medical career, be in the top 25%, willingness to complete an internship through Carolina Orthopaedic Specialists and/or shadow a physician, & demonstrate a financial need.
Apr. 14th
 Carolinas Food Industry Council12
Give 30 scholarships each year for $2500 that are funded through the Retail Consumer Alliance Foundation.
Scholarship websiteMar. 3rd
 Catawba County Association of Educators12
Senior must have applied to and/or been accepted to as a full-time student to a college/university within NC, be pursing a degree in Education, and have a GPA of 2.5 or higher.  Application is due back to Mrs. Murray by 6th or Snow Creek Elementary by Jun. 12th
Jun. 6th
 Catawba County Correctional Center12
Students must plan to enroll in Criminal Justice, Political Science, or Basic Law Enforcement Training.
May 1st
 Catawba County EOP12
Any student can apply. Click on link, then click "Student Application."
Scholarship application (then click on Student Scholarship)Apr. 15th
 Catawba County Farm Bureau12
Seniors who plan to major in agriculture or in an agriculturally-related field.  Eligible for 2 or 4 yr. colleges. 
Apr. 1st
 Catawba County Retired School Personnel - Murray/Moose12
Senior that aspires to be an educator.  MHS can only nominate ONE, but stop by and get an application today! 
Feb. 18th
 Catawba Valley Chapter of American Subcontractors Assoc. of the Carolinas (CVASAC)12
Any senior pursing a career in a construction related field.  See Mrs. Murray for the application. 
Jun. 30th
 CFWNC – Harry Clarke Memorial & William A. Hart12
Any student can apply that plans to attend a four-year or a two-year college in the state of NC.  Can download applications from the link (everything is on a common application).  Mrs. Murray also has copies.  Pay attention to Harry Clarke (2 & 4 yr).
Scholarship websiteJan. 15th
 Children of Disabled, Deceased, Combat, or POW/MIA veterans12
Can apply by calling the Catawba County Veterans Serviced Office at 465-8255 or write to Catawba County Veteran’s Office  306 4th St. SW Hickory, NC 28602 
Mar. 1st
 Coca-Cola Scholars 12

Seniors how have a 3.0 or higher GPA and are well rounded individuals with high developed interests in their community.  Students need to spend time volunteering, initiating programs of all kinds, tutoring youngsters or peers, and are leaders in their school.  They are often employed during the school year and/or the summer.  They balance all these extracurricular activities with strong academic performances.  For more information (see Mrs. Murray for a guidelines sheet) or to apply online (which is required)

Scholarship website - click on ScholarshipsOct. 31st
 Crumley Roberts Founder’s Scholarship12
There are two scholarships. One for the students wanting to go straight into a four-year university or those wanting to attend a two-year college.
Scholarship websiteFeb. 1st
 Davidson College - Bryan Scholars 12
Want to attend Davidson College and must have outstanding academic records and be a strong leader in the classroom and in your sport & want to participate in athletics at Davidson
Sept. 19th to have name to Mrs. Murray for interest
 Davidson College – John Motgomery Belk 12
Must attend Davidson and demonstrate intellectual, personal success, and significant leadership in your high school  - MHS can nominate ONE to TWO - See Mrs. Murray to be nominated
Scholarship websiteOct. 11 (name to Mrs. Murray)
 DECA scholarships12
If you have worked at one of the following places, you can apply for this scholarship:  Don DeBolt, Finish Line, Marriott, NAPA, NFIB, Otis Spunkmeyer, Safeway, SEARS/Kmart, SWIRL, TJ Maxx/Marshalls, Walgreens, or Harry Applegate
Scholarship websiteFeb. 12th
 Delta Sigma Theta 12
Seniors who are African-American female and will be attending 4-yr. college or university.  Can apply online or on paper from Mrs. Murray. 
Scholarship linkApr. 9th
 Dial My Dentist Scholarship12
This $1000 scholarship is available to students between the ages of 16 and 21.  In the fall of this year (September 2011), the student must be attending College or University full-time. 
Scholarship details May 6th
 Dr. Seuss, Oh the Places You Will Go12
Must mail in application and essay 
Feb. 15th
 East Tennessee State University - George L. Carter Scholarship12
Seniors who have a minimum of 3.0 GPA, ACT of 22 or 1020 on SAT.  Apply online. See Mrs. Murray for more details.
Scholarship websiteMar. 1st
 EF – Global Citizen Scholarship Tour –China12
Students should create a video, digital media project, or essay that addresses one of three questions and submit directly on Facebook page.
Nov. 1st
 Elks National Foundation – Most Valuable Student Scholarship 12
Based on scholarship, leadership, and financial need; must be a US Citizen.  Complete the application and drop off at the local Elks Lodge (Newton) any day after 4pm.  Local contact for questions is Wilbur Guernsey at 828-244-5795.
Electronic version of applicationDec. 5th 
 Ellen Stewart Memorial (CCS Nutrition Assoc)12
Criteria for this scholarship is as follows:  satisfactory academic records, school/community involvement, financial need, have been accepted as a full-time student at an accredited college, university, junior college, or community college, and be seeking a degree.
Mar. 28th (before 4pm)
 Elon University - Watson and Odyssey12
Senior who wants to attend Elon and maybe couldn't due to financial reasons, must have strong academic potential, be interested in extending his/her education beyond the classroom, be of good character, and have the higher purpose to give first attention to learning and reflection, developing intellectually, connecting knowledge and experiences, and upholding Elon's Honor code. 
Feb. 10th
 Emerging Issues – Prize for Innovation9-12
Compete as a high school team. See Mrs. Murray or any
counselor for the packet of information to apply. Each
finalist group will receive $1000 & most innovative
and viable idea will be awarded $5000 to help make
the idea a reality. Submit applications to
Nov. 11th
 Emory University – Scholars Program & Goizueta Buisness Scholars 12
Desires to attend Emory and have the high academics and service to his/her school and community
Nov. 15th
 EngineerGirl Essay Contest3-12
Open to boys and girls. Essay is required: “50 Years of Engineering in Society. 1st
 ETSU – Basler Incentive 12
Student must plan to major in Engineering Technology at ETSU, based on demonstrated desire and motivation to complete personal goals and definite need for scholarship.  Call (423) 439-7822 or email 
Received & postmarked by Mar. 31st
 FELS (Forgivable Education Loans for Service = nursing, teaching, allied health fields, and medicine)12
This is a scholarship loan program where you pay back the scholarship in years of service, not monetary payments. See her for the paper copy of the information. Electronic application must be completed to apply. Early applications are better for processing.
CFNC FELS websiteApr. 1st
 First United Methodist – Odum Scholarship12
Any student can apply.  Preference will be given to church members and past recipients.
May 3rd
 First United Methodist – Ruby Horn Welborn12
Senior with a GPA of 2.5-3.99 and planning to attend any type of college. Preference will be given to church members and past recipients.  
May 3rd
 First United Methodist – United Methodist Women’s12
Any student can apply.  Preference will be given to church members and past recipients. 
Apr. 11th
 Flossie C. Cloninger Scholarship (FUMC Maiden)12
Any senior can apply.
May 1st
 Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE)12
Freedom in Academia essay
Essay websiteJan. 1st
 Frye Auxiliary12
Senior that has at least a B average, resident of Catawba County for the last two years of high school, and be interested in going into health care.  Application is due to Mrs. Murray.
Mar. 22nd
 Gardner-Webb University12
Seniors must have a GPA of 3.5 or
higher, miniumum of a 1150
(Critical Reading & Math) SAT or 25
composite ACT to be nominated.
Mrs. Murray can nominate
interested students.
Oct. 31st
 Gates Millennium Scholars12
Students who are African American, American Indian/Alaska Native, Asian Pacific Islander American, or Hispanic American can apply.  You must be a citizen or legal permanent resident or national of the US, have a GPA of 3.3 (unweighted), be enrolling for the first time at a US accredited college or university, have demonstrated leadership abilities through participation in community service, extracurricular, or other activities,  and apply for the FAFSA (must meet federal Pell Grant eligibility criteria).  
http://www.gmsp.orgJan. 14th
 GE-Reagan Foundation12
Seniors who demonstrate exemplary leadership, drive, integrity, and citizenship.
Scholarship websiteJan. 9th
 Healthy Lifestyles Scholarship 9-12
This $5000 scholarship is open to students currently enrolled as high school students or first-year college students. To be eligible for this award you must be under 25 years of age and answer both of the essay questions. 
Scholarship descriptionApr 30th
 Herter O’Neal – CEAPA12
Seniors enrolling in college to pursue a degree in a business related field. Applications due in the office no later than deadline.
Mar. 17th
 Hickory Business & Professional Women12
A senior young woman can apply that plans to further her education at college and needs financial assistance. 
Mar. 16th
 Hickory Young Professionals12
Senior who is a budding community leader or entrepreneur
and has a desire to make a positive impact on Catawba County now or in the future. Minimum GPA of 3.0.
AttachmentNov. 6th
 High School Innovator of the Year12
Have you invented something noteworthy or improved a process that affects your fellow students, city, or town during your high school career?  if so, apply now.
Scholarship site on Cappex.comDec. 31st
 Homegrown Teaching Scholars Program @ CVCC12
Students who plan to pursue a major in an education field can attend CVCC for their first two years and then transfer for their last two years.  While attending CVCC, those students are eligible for “scholarship loans” which you can actually repay through actual teaching in their designated school system. 
Application (click on "Homegrown Teaching Scholars" and then on "Apply")Apr. 15th
 Hooker Educational Foundation12
Seniors must be child of an employee (for at least two years) and have a 2.5 GPA.  Parent can pick up application at the Human Resource Dept, call 276-656-3308, or email  
Apr. 1st
 Horatio Alger Association 12
Plan to pursue a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution, critical financial need, involvement in community service, GPA of 2.0 and a US citizen
Scholarship websiteOct. 25th
 Jackie Robinson Foundation12
Senior who is a minority, plans to attend four-year accredited institution, dedication to community service, evidence of financial need, US Citizen, and have minimum of 1000 SAT (math & Reading only) or 22 ACT.  Visit  Deadline is 
Foundation websiteFeb. 15th
 Jagannathan Scholarship12
Any NC resident who plans to enroll full time in an undergraduate degree program at one of the UNC institutions (public universities) can apply.  Any student can apply with the following criteria: demonstrate financial need, have an excellent scholastic record, participate in diverse extracurricular activities, and demonstrate evidence of strong leadership roles.  MHS must pick ONE to recommend on to the next level, which will be chosen from all that apply online. 
Application websiteFeb. 1st
 Janice M. Scott Memorial (JMSMSF)12
Senior that is a US Citizen, has a 3.0 unweighted GPA, plans to attend a 4 yr. college/university, demonstrated leadership through community services and other extracurricular activities, and combined adjusted income of the parents cannot exceed $100,000.
Completed application packet must be received or
postmarked on or before the deadline!
Mar. 31st
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