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From the Principal

  • Hello everyone!  We are very excited here at Banoak because our Chromebooks have arrived!  One of our goals for this year was to implement 1:1 computing in the third through sixth grade.  We have been saving money, having fundraisers, and have used Title I and PTO funds to purchase 170 Dell Chromebooks!  With the Chromebooks we already have, this will give us a Chromebook for each student in our upper grades!  Thanks to everyone who has participated in our fundraisers to help make this possible.  The Catawba County School Technology Department is in the final stages of updating our wireless network and infrastructure to allow all of these computers to be able to successfully connect to the network.  Our goal now is to distribute these computers to the students shortly after Christmas break.  1:1 computing will allow our students to have instant access to information that will help with classroom instruction and learning.  Our students will be more engaged and excited about learning when using the latest technology and will become more proficient in the use of technology.  Classes will not have to sign up or wait for the computer lab to complete projects that require the use of the computer or the internet to complete.  Also, 1:1 access will allow us to use the many available resources and apps to help customize learning for our students.

    One of our next projects will be to implement our 1:1 initiative in kindergarten through second grade.  We are starting now to investigate what type of technology would be best suited for our younger students.  Until we are able to complete this, all of our existing technology, our laptop carts, iPads, etc., will be made available for exclusive use by our lower grades.

    Thanks for your continued support of Banoak Elementary.  Together we will continue to strive to make our school the best elementary school in Catawba County!

    Dr. Robin Honeycutt, Principal

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