• Challenger Early College High School
    For Integrity, For Stewardship, For Citizenship

    Vision and Mission
    The school vision is for each student to be ready for college, careers, and life in the 21st Century by virtue of and commitment to full fidelity to the early college model and design principles. Our mission’s motto is that we are
    “Building College-Ready, Lifelong Learners.”

    CHALLENGER school colors are Purple and Silver and the CHALLENGER mascot is the Phoenix. A Phoenix, the mythical Firebird of purple hue, is a symbol of renewal showing continuous revitalization toward the school vision. We affectionately call ourselves the Phoenix nickname: Firebirds.


    Core Values:  Integrity, Stewardship, Citizenship

    Statement of Beliefs
    Meeting the needs of our students come first. We hold that the new and innovative methods we are establishing are both necessary and critical to our students’ success in the 21st century.
    Therefore we also believe:

    Every student deserves access to and is most often successful in a learning environment of high expectations and support that includes training in intellectual risk-taking, critical thinking, and creativity.

    Every student’s academic potential is maximized in an educational setting that moves away from traditional methodology and is designed around the most current research-based best practices and 21st century skills.

    Every student performs better when engaged in meaningful, relevant studies directed by effective teachers collaborating on their development.

    Every student finds powerful academic and social success in school environments where nurturing relationships and positive dialogue exist among students, among staff, between staff and students, and between staff and parents.

    Every student is more successful in college, career, and life when engaged in rigorous high school courses. Best teaching practice involves coaching towards self-directed learning that results in measurable gains in performance.

    Every student deserves rich diverse experiences in the classroom complemented by a wide range of well-designed and directed co- and extra-curricular activities, events, and experiences.

    Every student’s success is linked to personal ownership in his/her educational process.

    Every student should be an informed, responsible, and active participant in a democratic society.

    Every student benefits when parents and community members are actively involved and engaged in the education process.

    Building College-Ready, Lifelong Learners