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    PSO Involvement and Membership

    All parents of students enrolled at CHS are automatically members of the PSO (Parent Support Organization) and are asked to vote and participate in all PSO events and activities.  The PSO is governed and directed by the Parent Advisory Council, which functions as the executive committee, and the Steering Committee, which includes all officers, three representatives for each grade level (9th, 10th, 11th, 12th grades), and all active committee (and sub-committee) chairpersons.  All are elected by the parents except the committee chairs, who are appointed by the President.


    Membership dues are $40 per family per year.  



     2016-2017 CHALLENGER PSO Officers


    President: Bill Cable

                Vice President: Phillip Moore             

     Treasurer: Amy Cable

                           Secretary: Jacqueline Gomez                  







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    Meeting Dates for 2016-2017

    6:00 pm in the Auditorium


    August 9th

    September 13th

    October 18th

    November 8th

    December 13th

    January 10th

    February 14th

    March 14th

    April 11th

    May 9th

    June 13th (if needed)