• Susan Reinhardt, School Counselor Welcome to the School Counselor's Page!  

    My name is Susan Reinhardt, and I am your school counselor at Blackburn Elementary.  Before this position, I was a parent educator for Catawba County Schools.  I am married and have two grown sons and two lovely daughter-in-laws.  Though my sons are grown, I still love being a parent!

    As you know, parenting is one of the hardest jobs ever.  Please know that all you do for your child is appreciated.  When you give your child your undivided attention, you are telling your child that he/she is loved, valued, and important to you.  I hope that you can take time everyday for "special time," one-on-one time with your child, even if it is only five minutes.  Turn the phone and TV off and just listen to your child, or let your child take the lead in choosing something to play or choosing a special book for storytime.  Spending time like this sets your child up for success!

    Thank you for all of the support you give your child in the school setting.  It really makes a great difference.  I  am here for you if you have any concerns about your child.  I believe that children can learn much better when they are comfortable and happy.  I will do my best to help each child who visits me.

    I would love for you to stop by my office and introduce yourself.  I hope your child has a terrific spring semester! 

    Susan Reinhardt, M.Ed.

    Blackburn Elementary School counselor

    828-466-7065, extension 316142


    Helpful web links:

    Family Net of Catawba County 828-695-6500, counseling services for children

    Cooperative Extension Service, 828-465-8240, information on family, community and environment, including 4H program

    Catawba Family Dentistry, at Catawba County Public Health, 828-695-5800, dental care for children 1-21 years who have Medicaid or Health Choice Insurance

    Eastern Catawba Cooperative Christian Ministry, 828-465-1702, provides crisis assistance, food pantry, thrift store, and more.

    Patrick Beaver Learning Resource Center, 828-624-2012, information, support, and resources related to ADHD, dyslexia, and other learning differences.