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2014 Winter Olympic Games - Sochi, Russia
February 7 - 23

Olympic Games for Kids - (Contains popups and advertisements)
Taking a Stride in Graphing (LearnNC) -
Winter Olympics:  What a Blast! (LearnNC) -
Everyday, Ordinary Olympics (LearnNC) -
Educational Activites:
*Use a spreadsheet to tally medal counts by country
*Research countries, sports, athletes, etc and enter information into a database and have students filter to compare and contrast
*Olympic Torch - The Olympic committee has asked you to design the next Olympic torch. Use paint tools to illustrate the torch for the next Olympics.
*Design your own newspaper article about the Olympics. Make sure to include medal counts and highlight important events.
*Students will compare the first Olympics in 776 BCE with the current Olympics.
The first Olympic games : a gruesome Greek myth with a happy ending - retold by Jean Richards (EBook under Central Office Destiny)
Magic Tree House Research Guide #10: Ancient Greece and the Olympics: A Nonfiction Companion to Hour of the Olympics - by Mary Pope Osborne
Magic Tree House Hour of the Olympics (Magic Tree House #16) - by Mary Pope Osborne
Wilma Unlimited: How Wilma Rudolph Became the World's Fastest Woman - by Kathleen Krull
Story of the Olympics (Usborne Young Reading Series) - by Minna Lacey
Olympics (DK Eyewitness Books) - by David Ballheimer
How the Skunk Learned to Jump - by Stephen Schumann
Tacky and the Winter Games (Tacky the Penguin) - by Helen Lester
You Wouldn't Want to Be a Greek Athlete: Races You'd Rather Not Run - by Michael Ford
The Ancient Greek Olympics - by Richard Woff
Shaun White: Snow and Skateboard Champion - by Marty Gitlin
The Winter Olympics (True Books: Sports) - by Larry Dan Brimner
The Mud Flat Olympics - by James Stevenson
A Picture Book of Jesse Owens - by David Adler
The Complete Book of the Winter Olympics: 2010 Edition - by David Wallechinsky
The Olympic Games, Ancient and Modern -
The Olympics of Ancient Greece -
Internet Resources:
WorldBook Online -
NCWise Owl - (Gale InfoBits, Kids Search (General Search & Encyclopedia), Grolier Online, etc)
Discovery Education (United Streaming) -
BrainPop - (Search for Olympics, Greek Gods, Athens, etc)
International Olympic Committee -
Olympics Project -
We are students at a school in West Vancouver, British Columbia and several of the 2010 Winter Olympic events will be held in our area. We wanted to create this website to let kids around the world know a bit about our community and the Winter Olympics!
Fact Monster (contains advertisements) -
Winter Olympics Through the Years -
Internet Resources from TeachersFirst:
Gail Skroback Hennessey -
This site offers a 10 question fact quiz all related to the 2010 Winter Olympics. Links are provided to research the answers to each question. Most of the questions include multiple blanks to fill in (and research). Learn about the mascots of the games, history of the games, geography skills, locations of past games, information about Vancouver, the Olympic flag, and more.

In the Classroom:
Have cooperative learning groups complete this activity together. If you don't have time for each group (or individual) to research all 10 questions, why not assign groups 2-3 questions each. Move beyond just the facts by challenging the groups to create a multimedia presentation about some aspect of the Olympics to share with the rest of the class. Use measurement connections in math, geography connections in social studies, etc. to determine the topics.

Enchanted Learning -
Although some of the printables are available to members only, this site does includes some excellent FREE information on the history of the Olympics, maps, flags, Greek alphabet, writing activities, graphic organizers, "Invent a New Olympic Sport" challenge, and more. If nothing else, the printables offer some great ideas to implement in your classroom (for example, "Write a Sentence for Each Sports-Related Word").

In the Classroom:
Take advantage of the ideas presented at this site (if you are a member or not). Share certain maps or handouts on your interactive whiteboard. Use this site to teach your students more about the history of the games.

Kaboose - (Teachers use - some advertisements)
Although this site isn't highly interactive, it does offer some theme based printables, crafts, and more. The three main links include: Olympic Crafts (Bingo Cards, Olympic Torch, and others), Sports Printables, and Q & A with Julie Foudy. This site is geared more towards families (and moms in general), but many of the activities would be ideal in the elementary classroom.

NBC Olympics -
If you are looking for a general informational site about the 2010 Olympics, this is the site for you! Learn about the sports (alpine skiing, curling, freestyle skiing, snowboarding, and more), view video clips, watch a countdown (with days, hours, minutes and seconds), and more. Be aware this site does include unobtrusive advertisements.

In the Classroom:
This is a great site to use for research about the 2010 Olympics. Share the video clips on your interactive whiteboard or projector. Have individual students view different video clips and then write about what they learned on your class Olympic Wiki.

Vancouver  2010 With Glowing Hearts -
This eclectic site has something for everyone about the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. For younger students, be sure to meet the mascots of the site, view the interactives, and more. Students of all ages can use this site to learn about the schedule, view photos and videos, learn about each sport in the winter 2010 Olympics, trace the torch relay, view a spectator guide, meet the athletes, view the interactive map, and more.

In the Classroom:
Share the video clips on your interactive whiteboard or projector. Introduce the mascots to your students and discuss their relevance. Have students research various athletes or sports and create a multimedia presentation. Use the Olympics as the theme for your study of world geography. Have students create online posters on paper or do it together as a class.

Olympics Sports -
Are you gearing up for a unit about the Olympics? If so, check out this site that combines Olympic information with new vocabulary words. There are word puzzles, a word bank of 30+ words, and tidbits of information about the Olympics. You are able to print the word puzzles. This site does have some basic advertisements.

In the Classroom:
Use this site to enhance your Olympics lessons. The word bank could easily be used as vocabulary words for students to research on their own. Share the word puzzles on an interactive whiteboard or projector. Have students attempt to create their own word puzzles about the Olympics or a specific Olympic event. 

xtimeline -
TeachersFirst Edge Entry: for moderately adventurous technology users. Xtimeline allows you to view, create, share, and discuss interactive timelines.
Note - If you only plan to VIEW timelines, no extra skills are needed at all! If you plan to comment or add a timeline, you must register. Registration requires a username, password, email address, and marking the box stating that you are OVER 13 YEARS OF AGE.

In the Classroom:
There are many uses for the already created timelines: use your interactive whiteboard or projector to learn about the history of the Olympics, famous people, events, literature, and more.

The Official Website of the 2010 Olympics -
This website offers a one-stop destination to all of your Olympic information. There are links across the top to learn about the athletes, sports, countries, and even a media player offering video clips and more. At the time of this review the media player had over 1,000 videos and nearly 10,000 photographs! This is an excellent site for research about the Olympics (both summer and winter). There is also a link to go back and learn about the past 46 Olympic games. Although there are no "student" or "classroom" links, this site truly has something for everyone: maps and geography, science behind the sports, research about events and countries, athete information, and more.

In the Classroom:
The possibilities at this website are endless. Use your interactive whiteboard or projector to share the MANY videos, information about the athletes, and many other activities. Use the site for research purposes about specific athletes or sports. Have students create multimedia presentations about events, athletes, or countries using this site. 

Go For the Gold-
This website (originally created for the 2004 Olympics, and updated in 2008) offers a great deal of information on the Olympics. Specific highlights include "In my Backyard," "History of the Games," "More to Explore," and "Get in the Game." There are also links to a Teachers Guide (with lesson plans for grades K-10 and standards), related booklists, interactive activities, and more. Although this site is slightly dated, it does contain some excellent information on the origin and history of the Olympics. Also, the "In The News" section is no longer updated.

In the Classroom:
If you are bringing the Olympics into your classroom, incorporate the many ideas at this website into your lessons. There are lesson plans ready to go (and divided by grade level). Try the interactive "It's All Greek To Me" together on your projector or interactive whiteboard. Use this site for research about the history of the Olympics, politics and the Olympics, and other pertinent topics.

Classroom Olympics -
This simple PDF site, provides some wonderful ideas for classroom Olympic events. *Be aware, this site does take a moment to open. The site is ready to go and provides everything you need: information about ancient and modern Olympic games, illustrated instructions for each Olympic event, printable awards for students, and very detailed instruction about how to do the Olympics in your classroom. There are nine Olympic games included in this lesson. Some examples include Find the Mass Race, Straw Javelin, and Cotton Ball Shot Put.

In the Classroom:
Use this FREE and READY TO GO resources to have the Olympic Games in your classroom. Print off the certificates for your students. Invite students' families to the games.

Team USA -
Follow the United States Olympic athletes at this interactive website. Find out current news about the athletes, read biographical information, read the athlete's blogs, watch video clips, explore the articles, and more. Click on "Resources" and then "U.S. Olympic Education" to find some lesson ideas to use in your classroom. There are some minor advertisements at this website.

In the Classroom:
Use this site to research American athletes. Share the video clips, read the blogs, and view the pictures on your interactive whiteboard or projector. Don't miss the lesson ideas (in the "Resources" section). Share this site on your class website, so families can follow the U.S. Olympians. 

Education World Lesson Plan -
This creative lesson plan challenges students to participate in their own version of the Olympics. Students choose which activities they want to "try their hand at" and are required to keep score. Some of the classroom Olympic "sports" include Speedy Spelling, Tongue-Twister Tournament, The Math Meet, and several others. The lesson plan includes descriptions of all sports and standards. This site was last updated in 2008, but the activities are applicable during any year.

In the Classroom:
Bring the Olympics into your classroom. Share these "ready to go" sports with your students. Then have students try to invent their own Olympic games to share with the class. Why not video and share the Olympics. 

























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