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Helakoski, Leslie. Woolbur. NY: HarperCollins Children’s Books. 2008.

Woolbur, a sheep with a mind of his own, never seems to follow the flock, despite his parents' reminders about how he should behave. (Susan Winstead)


Standard Course of Study

7.01-Develop a positive attitude toward self as a unique and worthy person
7.09-Consider individual differences

Gr. 1-1.02-Investigate the needs of a variety of different animals

Language Arts
4.06-Compose a variety of products using a writing process

Information Skills
1.01 Participate in read-aloud, storytelling, booktalking, silent and voluntary reading experiences
5.02 Produce media in various formats

Related Books

Russell the Sheep by Rob Scotton
Bad Boys by Margie Palatini
From Sheep to Sweater by Robin Nelson
Warm as Wool by Scott Sanders
Hooray for Sheep Farming! by Bobbie Kalman
Charlie Needs a Cloak by Tomie DePaola

Related Websites (sheep games) (Baa Baa Blacksheep webquest for 1st or 2nd grade)

Language Arts

Write a Cinquain poem about sheep after taking an internet field trip to a sheep farm as part of the webquest listed above- Process, Step 6. 


Write about a time that you felt "different" from those around you.

Write about a time when your parents were worried about you.


Have students work in small groups to research different sheep breeds using World Book Online, NC Wiseowl, etc. Organize the facts and information in Kidspiration to share with the whole group.

Social Studies

Research and map the top sheep producing countries of the world/states in the US.


Have students work with a partner to complete the math problems in Process, Step 5 of the webquest. To check the answers, let partners take turns explaining how they solved the problem.

Fine Arts

Practice weaving with construction paper (website above). Explain the terms "warp" and "weft" on the page where Woolbur and his friends are weaving at school.


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