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 Important Information

Curriculum Guide - MASTER 2015-16.pdfCurriculum Guide - MASTER 2015-16
CCS Holistic Performance Grades.pdfCCS Holistic Performance Grades
DPI School Performance Grades.pdfDPI School Performance Grades
New Childhood Immunization Requirements.aspxNew Childhood Immunization Requirements
School Calendars - UPDATED for 2015-2016 School Year.aspxSchool Calendars - UPDATED for 2015-2016 School Year
CCS Parent Handbook 2014-15.pdfCCS Parent Handbook 2014-15
2014-2015 Annual Public Notices.pdf2014-2015 Annual Public Notices
CC MS Athletic Conference Sports Schedules 2014 2015.pdfCC MS Athletic Conference Sports Schedules 2014 2015
4 4150-5 0140-7 2600 Service Animals in Schools REVISED.pdf4 4150-5 0140-7 2600 Service Animals in Schools REVISED
Internship Apprenticeship Information.aspxInternship Apprenticeship Information
ASW Waiver Request for Catawba County Schools.pdfASW Waiver Request for Catawba County Schools
School Bus Routes 2014-15.aspxSchool Bus Routes 2014-15
Bus Drivers Needed.pdfBus Drivers Needed
QUEST School-Age Child Care Registration Form.aspxQUEST School-Age Child Care Registration Form
QUEST School-Age Child Care Parent Handbook.aspxQUEST School-Age Child Care Parent Handbook
Summer Food Service Program - Media Release.pdfSummer Food Service Program - Media Release
Student Transfer Forms.aspxStudent Transfer Forms
CCS Organizational Chart.pdfCCS Organizational Chart
CCS Organizational Chart 06-23-14.pdfCCS Organizational Chart 06-23-14
CCS Organizational Chart 06-02-14.pdfCCS Organizational Chart 06-02-14
CCS Organizational Chart 05-30-14.pdfCCS Organizational Chart 05-30-14
Charting Our Current Progress 2014CVRotary Club.pdfCharting Our Current Progress 2014CVRotary Club
Catawba County Schools 2013 CAFR.pdfCatawba County Schools 2013 CAFR
Curriculum Guide for 2014-15.pdfCurriculum Guide for 2014-15
Proposed Balanced Calendar.aspxProposed Balanced Calendar
Teacher Career Status Changes from NCGA.aspxTeacher Career Status Changes from NCGA
2013-2014 Transfer Spaces - Approved by BOE on 7-21-13.pdf2013-2014 Transfer Spaces - Approved by BOE on 7-21-13
Catawba County School System Opening Meeting 08.23.13.pdfCatawba County School System Opening Meeting 08.23.13
CCS Anti-Harassment Statement.pdfCCS Anti-Harassment Statement
2009-2014 Strategic Plan.pdf2009-2014 Strategic Plan
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 Approved Calendars

2015-2016 Calendar.pdf2015-2016 Calendar
2014-2015 Calendar.pdf2014-2015 Calendar
2014-2015 Testing Calendar.pdf2014-2015 Testing Calendar
2013-2014 Testing Calendar.pdf2013-2014 Testing Calendar
2013-2014 Calendar.pdf2013-2014 Calendar
2012-2013 Calendar.pdf2012-2013 Calendar
Calendar FAQs.pdfCalendar FAQs
2012-2013 Adopted Calendar January 30 2012.aspx2012-2013 Adopted Calendar January 30 2012

 Professional Resources


 Achievement Data

ABC Growth Report 2007-2008.pdfABC Growth Report 2007-2008
AYP 2007-2008.pdfAYP 2007-2008
SAT Historic Data 2008-2009.pdfSAT Historic Data 2008-2009
SAT Historic Data 2011-2012.pdfSAT Historic Data 2011-2012
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