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 Important Information

Folder: Bus Routes 2013-2014Bus Routes 2013-2014
CCS Organizational Chart 06-23-14.pdfCCS Organizational Chart 06-23-14
CCS Organizational Chart 06-02-14.pdfCCS Organizational Chart 06-02-14
CCS Organizational Chart 05-30-14.pdfCCS Organizational Chart 05-30-14
Summer Food Service Program - Media Release.pdfSummer Food Service Program - Media Release
Student Transfer Forms.aspxStudent Transfer Forms
Charting Our Current Progress 2014CVRotary Club.pdfCharting Our Current Progress 2014CVRotary Club
Catawba County Schools 2013 CAFR.pdfCatawba County Schools 2013 CAFR
Internship Apprenticeship Information.aspxInternship Apprenticeship Information
Curriculum Guide for 2014-15.pdfCurriculum Guide for 2014-15
Proposed Balanced Calendar.aspxProposed Balanced Calendar
Teacher Career Status Changes from NCGA.aspxTeacher Career Status Changes from NCGA
CCS Organizational Chart.pdfCCS Organizational Chart
2013-2014 Transfer Spaces - Approved by BOE on 7-21-13.pdf2013-2014 Transfer Spaces - Approved by BOE on 7-21-13
Catawba County School System Opening Meeting 08.23.13.pdfCatawba County School System Opening Meeting 08.23.13
CCS Anti-Harassment Statement.pdfCCS Anti-Harassment Statement
2009-2014 Strategic Plan.pdf2009-2014 Strategic Plan
2012-2013 ParentHandbook.pdf2012-2013 ParentHandbook
Find your assigned school.aspxFind your assigned school
Bus Drivers Needed.pdfBus Drivers Needed
Bus Routes.aspxBus Routes
School Calendars.aspxSchool Calendars
Pre-K Application (Spanish).pdfPre-K Application (Spanish)
Pre-K Application.pdfPre-K Application
Early Head Start 2011 Annual Report.pdfEarly Head Start 2011 Annual Report
Early Head Start 2013 Annual Report.pdfEarly Head Start 2013 Annual Report
Local Current Expense Proposed Budget 2013-14.pdfLocal Current Expense Proposed Budget 2013-14
Capital Outlay Budget Request 2013-14.pdfCapital Outlay Budget Request 2013-14
Liability Insurance for Public School Employees.pdfLiability Insurance for Public School Employees
2013-2014 High School Curriculum Guide.pdf2013-2014 High School Curriculum Guide
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 Approved Calendars

2013-2014 Calendar.pdf2013-2014 Calendar
2014-2015 Calendar.pdf2014-2015 Calendar
2013-2014 Testing Calendar.pdf2013-2014 Testing Calendar
2012-2013 Calendar.pdf2012-2013 Calendar
Calendar FAQs.pdfCalendar FAQs
2012-2013 Adopted Calendar January 30 2012.aspx2012-2013 Adopted Calendar January 30 2012

 Professional Resources


 Achievement Data

ABC Growth Report 2007-2008.pdfABC Growth Report 2007-2008
AYP 2007-2008.pdfAYP 2007-2008
SAT Historic Data 2008-2009.pdfSAT Historic Data 2008-2009
SAT Historic Data 2011-2012.pdfSAT Historic Data 2011-2012
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