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Bud, Not Buddy

Lesson Author(s)

Debbie Elliott



Type of Resource


Curriculum Area(s)

Computer Technology Skills; English Language Arts; Writing

Grade Level(s)


Time Required

1 week

Essential Questions

What would you do if you suddenly became an orphan, but found out you had family somewhere?

Description of Lesson

Learn about foster families, the depression, jazz music, unions, and homelessness.

North Carolina Goals and Objectives

English Language Arts — Grade 5
Goal 3
The learner will make connections through the use of oral language, written language, and media and technology.

Computer Technology Skills – Grade 5
Goal 3
The learner will use a variety of technologies to access, analyze, interpret, synthesize, apply, and communicate information.

Student Goals and Outcomes

Students will be able to differentiate between latitude and longitude lines. They will be able to find coordinates and location using a GPS device. Students will be able to find Flynt, Michigan on a map using given coordinates. Students will be able to apply symbols from the book Bud Not Buddy by Christopher Paul Curtis to things they may use in everyday life. Students will become aware of hardships that some people encounter and how they deal with those hardships. They can connect events in the story with things that may happen in their own life as well as someone they know.

Learning Activities and Tasks

Students will be working together in teams to discover artifacts about the book Bud Not Buddy. Within this team, students will develop memories and discussions about the events that surrounded that artifact. They will use the GPS device to locate such artifacts. After discussing the artifact, they will list that artifact on a sheet of paper and write a brief summary about why it is important to them. They should include whether or not they can relate it to their own lives.


1. Task Definition; 2. Information Seeking Strategies; 3. Location and Access; 4. Use of Information; 5. Synthesis; 6. Evaluation



Prerequisite Skills

Read the book Bud Not Buddy by Christopher Paul Curtis
View the UnitedStreaming Videos about longitude and latitude
Learn how to operation a GPS device

Required Materials and Resources

Hardware - computer lab, computer, handheld computer, GPS, digital camera, printer, television, VCR, projector/COW.

Software – MS Office, Photo Story, Google Earth, UnitedStreaming Video.

Internet Web Links – list URL’s, WebQuest, scavenger hunt, Google Earth.

Printed Materials – handout, novel Bud Not Buddy, rubric

Supplies – paper, caches, clip boards, pencils, journals.

Other – field trip, parents, technology coordinator.

Student Assessment

Students will identify the cache and be able to relate it to the story. A class discussion will precede the journal writing. What were the events that surrounded the artifact found? Students will write in journals what the item is, how it relates, and how does that affect their lives today.
Assessment: finding all the caches and writing in the journal.


Exceptional, ELL, AIG student

Working with a buddy who can help ELL, Exceptional students.
AIG students will be developing a list of “Rules of Survival” that they can live by.

Lesson Evaluation and Reflection



GPS, Bud Not Buddy, writing, language arts, Google Earth, technology, computer skills, fifth grade,


waypoints_Bud Not Buddy.xls    
waypoints_Bud Not Buddy.pdf    
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